Master Bathroom Reno After 25 Years

This master bathroom belongs to a wonderful couple. Their master bathroom is about 25 years old. There was a date stamp on the bottom of the tub, which was 1994. This master bathroom will be undergoing a major transformation. Follow along as we update every inch of this master bathroom. We are keeping the layout the same but updating all the materials. In the current design they have a split-level vanity. We will be making the vanity all one level so that it's more comfortable for everyone that uses it. The wife said she was ready for a "big girl" sink. The vanity on the right is very short, which is how some builders did things 25 years ago. The vanity will be brought up to today's height standards, which is 36". The open area in the vanity will replaced with a large drawer cabinet for extra storage. We will be installed LED lighted mirrors and removing the vanity lights altogether. They have opted for a white quartz countertop with moderate to medium subtle veining. This is a countertop we've used in the past and homeowners love it. The countertop blends well with a variety of design styles. 

The flooring is a combination of taupe and gray colors with an overall aged aesthetic. The homeowners wanted to introduce grey and blue into their home but they have a predominately beige design palette in the rest of the house. We looked at a variety of options to incorporate the grey and blue colors and ultimately decided on this floor tile. The shower tile has almost reverse color qualities to keep the shower area light and bright. The built-in tub will be replaced with a free-standing tub with decorative accent tile in place of the current 4" x 4" white squares, which the homeowners did not love. We will be installed brushed nickel hardware including updated vanity faucets, a very pretty tub filler, and a 12" waterfall shower head. We've raised the height of the showerhead, the original location of the shower head was very low; too low for anyone that is on the tall side.

​The pony wall between the shower and tub had to be raised to allow for the new free-standing tub. The tub is taller than the current built in and for aesthetics as well as plumbing purposes, the wall had to be raised. 

Follow along as we continue to work on this project. We have about a week or so to go. The tub had a longer lead time so it will be installed towards the very end of the remodel. Typically we'd get the tub set once the floor tile is grouted but in this case there was a delay on the tub.

The shower tile has been started. The shower floor has been installed, it's a contrasting pebble stone. The shower walls have clean lines and will keep the area open, light and bright. The tub accent tile has also been installed. To see this tile in another project, click here. We use this tile quite a bit. The lines are clean and go with a variety of design styles. 

Insured & General Contractor License #AEC7352

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