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As you browse through the before and after gallery of our projects, note that all the following projects were renovated and (re)created by the team at Redoux. Our goal is to control the quality of the work one job at a time, using a small, select group of specialty trades.


If you're considering a bathroom remodel or kitchen renovation, Redoux, "redo" may be able to help you. Below you will find some of our favorite kitchen & bathroom remodeling and renovation projects, as well as a variety of other projects like painting & trim work, window treatments, foundation work, and extensive tiling work.


If you have any questions or would like to schedule a meeting to discuss your upcoming project, reach out. 

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Guest Half Bath Update


Functional Fantasy (Whole House) Remodel


Mini Make Over (Master Bathroom)


Mid-Century Modern Master Bathroom Renovation


Closet to Luxury Bathroom Conversion



Master Bathroom Modern Farmhouse in the Suburbs


Master Bathroom Shower Expansion

Christmas Kitchen Remodel

Master Closet Transformation | Custom Barn Doors




Art Deco Revival - Guest Bathroom Transformation

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen | Hidden Potential



Master Bathroom Reno After 25 Years

Laundry Room Update - Full Remodel

laundry-room-update (20).jpg


What Happens When You Go Out of Town & Give Your Contractor the Keys to Your House? 


Open Concept Kitchen | Wall Removal


Master Bath Shower Rework | Extra Storage 




Classic Subway Tile Guest Bath


Master Bath Remodel Elegant Design



Builder Grade Common Bathroom 

Whole House Renovation in the Suburbs 
Modern Bathroom Conversion - From Blah to Brilliant
Bathroom Renovation - Existing Damage
Dated Bar Renovation
Dated Kitchen with Bad "Flip" Craftsmanship - to a Dream Kitchen with Tons of Storage and Usable Countertop Space

This kitchen was part of a whole house remodel that included take the kitchen, bar, master bath, and guest bath down to the drywall. The job took just under two months in total time to complete including replacement of the flooring, all painted surfaces in the main living areas plus the master and guest bathrooms. The entire master bathroom was remodeled, replacing cabinets, flooring, building  a new shower, installing glass barn doors in the shower, lighting, installing a new toilet, hardware, fixtures, sinks, and counter tops. Click on see more to view the daily journal of each room in the house.

Dated Master Bathroom Renovation

This dated master bathroom was in dire need of an update. This bathroom was part of a flip about five years ago. The flippers provided shotty work, at best. Take a look at our picture journal, where we detail the full renovation process, step-by-step. Click here for all the details. We also renovated the guest bath. 

Dated Guest Bathroom Renovation
Floor to Ceiling Bathroom Remodel Circa 1960's

While this customer's bathroom was small (5'x8'), she wanted to make it as luxury feelings as possible. She wanted a herringbone tile pattern on the floor, subway tiles from floor to ceiling, a bathtub, a new vanity, and a new toilet. She also wanted to expand the door opening leading into the bathroom to make the room feel larger. We took the old shower enclosure and converted it to a spa-like retreat by adding subway tile, soap tray cutouts, and sliding glass doors. We also replaced the toilet and vanity to give the bathroom a more updated and modern look. 


Proper design on the front-end was executed perfectly to provide maximum performance and usability for this customer and their small bathroom.

1980's Bathroom Renovation
the-redoux-bathroom-renovation-full-demo-and rebuild of bathroom

This project was an investment property where the owner wanted to do cosmetic only changes to turn this small apartment into a year-round rental property. What we didn't know until I started to demo the bathroom was that there was extensive water damage behind the walls. The homeowner decided to gut the entire bathroom and start from scratch. While unforeseen damage was present, I worked with him to stay on budget by choosing different finishing materials. Initially, he wanted some pretty intricate tile work done, as his target renter was going to pay more for higher-end finishes. In the end we found less expensive materials to stay within his design budget, while still maintaining the higher end look. This project took about 1.5 weeks to complete from start to finish.

Original 1950's Bathroom Renovation

This was a complete renovation of a dated 1950's bathroom. The plastic subway tile needed to be removed from the walls, along with the flooring, vanity, toilet, bathtub, and all the tile in the shower. Everything was replaced with brand new fixtures, and tile was run throughout the bathroom. The plumbing and drain lines were also replaced with brand new copper and ABS. 

Other Bathroom Remodel Projects
Renovated and updated bathrooms before-after

These are all additional bathroom remodel projects. Some are simple tile installation projects, while others are full bathroom renovations. They contain both during and after images.

Small Apartment Kitchen Renovation

This project was a full remodel of a small 1950's apartment kitchen. The doorway was opened up to allow more access to the kitchen and the dated tile floors were ripped up and replaced with brand new laminate flooring. Brand new cabinets and countertops were also installed, along with backsplash, new fixtures, and brand new appliances.

Dated Kitchen Remodel

This kitchen was original circa 1980's. The homeowners wanted a transformation. Demo included removal of all kitchen cabinets, countertops, flooring, and appliances. They also wanted the decorative header above the cabinets to be removed. When I removed the cabinets and the recessed decorative header I found that the builder had put all the kitchen wiring inside the header. Since they wanted it removed, I had to minimize the excess wiring and bring to current standards. As you flip through this gallery, you can see the wiring all over the kitchen as well as the cleaner version of the same space. We also installed new updated cabinets, granite countertops, tile backsplash, hardwood flooring, and brand new appliances.

Complete Transformation of 1950's Kitchen - Amazing Results!

Floor to ceiling renovation of this 1950's galley style kitchen. Demo included removal of all kitchen cabinets, countertops, flooring, and appliances as well as the wall separating the kitchen from the living room and the wall separating the kitchen from the laundry room. During the renovation we reconfigured the kitchen layout and installed new kitchen cabinets, quartz countertops, hardwood flooring, and brand new appliances. We also relocated the kitchen sink so it faced the backyard instead of the side fence.

Other Kitchen Remodel Projects


Additional kitchen remodel projects. Some are simple tile installation projects, while others are full kitchen renovations. They contain both during and after images.

Custom Tile Projects

Custom Tile Projects

Custom tile projects. Some are just backsplash and flooring installs, while others are part of full kitchen and bathroom remodel projects.

Window Treatments

Window Treatments-the-redoux

Custom window treatments provided by Redoux

Cabinet Resurfacing

Flooring Projects

Flooring Projects-the-redoux

These are all flooring projects that were either individual installs or part of a larger renovation project. They include tile, hardwood and laminate flooring installation.

Shed Conversion Project

She Shed Conversion-the-redoux

This backyard shed was used for lawn mower and bike storage, however the owner wanted to convert it into her own personal retreat. We ran electrical to the shed and added insulation, drywall, laminate flooring, baseboards, and window trim. We also added a built in daybed and storage shelves, and converted the large shed doors into a normal functioning front door.

Widening Door Openings


These are all examples of doorways being widened to create more open concept rooms or to offer more space for storage.

Barn Door Project


This homeowner wanted custom barn doors for her expanded closets. We built a double slider for her master bedroom closet and a single sliding barn door for her guest room closet. Both doors were stained a custom blue/grey color to coincide with her flooring.

Interior Painting & Trim Work


These are interior paint jobs. Both before and after images.

Detached Garage & Foundation Repairs


This was a flip house that an investor friend of mine purchased. In the original images, you can see the large cracks in the brick that were about 1/2" at the widest point. This project took some time to complete because it included hours of grinding and removing the broken bricks. Once the old bricks were removed, I had to go to a restoration brickyard to find matching bricks. Even though the bricks were ultimately painted, they had to match in texture. This project took seven days to fix all the cracks that were on the exterior of the house.


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