Closet to Luxury Bathroom Conversion

Kitchens and bathrooms add value to your house, right? How do you add an extra bathroom when space is limited? In this case, we utilized a master closet. During this transformation will detail a once closet turned luxury spa bathroom. This house used to be a 4/2. When this bathroom is complete, the house will be updated to a 5 bed/3 bath. Follow along as we simultaneously renovate the master bathroom, which shares a wall to the newly created spa retreat. This is a major update to this house.


The third photo below shows the door from the closet to the master bathroom. This door will become the location for the toilet.

The floating tub will be against the far wall as you walk into the bathroom with an overhead shower. This bathroom will have custom tile detail while keeping the design clean and current. Note: The master bathroom had a tub and shower prior to the renovation. The tub was removed and the old shower location is the new home for much-needed storage. For more information on this improvement, click here.

A new doorway from the hallway was created for access to the new bathroom. Follow along as both bathrooms are overhauled into beautiful new spaces.

The new bathroom is well underway and will be completed in a few days. The plumbing on this job took a little extra time as it had to be completely created from scratch. The pictures below showcase the work that goest into creating a bathroom out of a closet.

Insured & General Contractor License #AEC7352

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