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Here's a list of some of the services the Redoux offers. Contact us with your design challenge and let us help you achieve the room (or whole house) of your dreams!​ We specialize in remodeling and renovation design.


Design & Decorating — Our goal is to make rooms functional while offering form and an aesthetically pleasing design. We can help you realize your goals by determining space requirements and selecting decorative items, such as furniture, lighting, and accessories. This will improve the functionality of the rooms, look, and feel.


Renovations & Remodeling — Designers hear it over and over from their clients: "I never knew that was an option I could consider," or "Is that possible in my space?" Redoux provides a complete solution for all of your renovation and remodeling needs. Check out our before and after gallery for inspiration. What sets us apart from almost every other firm out there is the fact that we do the work ourselves, not a team of subcontractors. One of the primary reasons a homeowner turns to a kitchen or bathroom designer is to have your vision translated and to be heard. Often, your goals may be unrealized, and we are here to bridge that gap. We listen. We will provide a design that maximizes the form and functional use of each space to produce the desired result while staying on budget.


Renovating a kitchen or bathroom is potentially one of the most important investments you will make in your home. Choosing the right finishes, and making the best long-term updates to maximize your investment is our goal. Whether your forever home or a two-year stop in your journey, making sure we deliver on form and function is our passion.


One-day Redoux's — Do you need a cosmetic facelift and don't want to spend a lot of money? You'd be surprised at what a one-day "Redoux" can do to change the look and feel of a room without spending a lot of money. We're experts in cosmetic makeovers.


Consulting — If you're planning to remodel a whole-house or a room, want to re-decorate a space or repurpose what's already there, interested in a minor "Redoux," a significant transformation, or if you're mid-remodel and challenged, Redoux can help. 


Custom Window Treatments — Redoux offers top-quality custom shutters, shades, and blinds. Stop by the showroom to see a wide variety of colors, fabrics, styles, and budget-friendly options.


Shopping Services — We understand that life is busy. Taking the time to find perfect décor items can be a struggle. Let Redoux find what you need to fill a room or an entire home. It's so much more than shopping; it's delivering to your design preferences while appealing to a timeless overall aesthetic.


Custom Closets — Love the designer look of custom closets but don't like the prices? Let the professionals at Redoux help you design the best wardrobe for your space and budget.

What Does a Designer or Decorator Do?

A decorator or designer is a person whose job involves designing and decorating rooms or areas of homes, offices, or other public areas. A designer may make suggestions on paint colors, materials and texture finishes, arranging furniture, and so on. A designer's job is much more than pick complementary fabrics, paint colors, and matching furnishings like furniture, lighting, and rugs. A designer will work to collaborate the balance in the entire room, making sure it transitions well to adjoining spaces. 

​Your home, the office, or any place you spend a significant amount of time will affect your mood and your general state of being. The room, along with its interiors and organization affects what you think, how you feel, what you do, how you interact with people inside the area. Consider how you want the room to change the functional aspect of those who use it. Form and function play a factor in the overall organization, architecture, and interior design of your home or your office. Design is critical to your whole state of mind and well being. Since our homes and offices are so important, it does raise an important question.

Should I hire a designer to design or build the interior of my house, office, or store, or any other space that I may be remodeling or building new?





Here are a few things to think about when deciding to hire a designer for your next remodeling project:


I meet with people every day that tell me they've thought designing a room was easy! That is until they get overwhelmed with the details. It's true that most of my clients have a good starting point. They watch HGTV, they've spent time on Google or Pinterest creating boards of their favorite concepts, and they have a subscription to Architectural Digest after all!

When visiting tile a superstore, at first you're drawn to the color, something will catch your eye (and that's a good start). As you make your way down the isles, if you're like most of my clients, you'll say the tile starts to look alike, and you can't make heads or tales out of what you like anymore. Something I have noticed consistently with my clients is they come in wanting one design option, let's say white subway tile for their shower walls, and leave the showroom with a new perspective. My job is to understand the space. The use of the area and to start with an idea of unifying both form and function. It's not uncommon for a client to completely change their POV once they're in the design showroom. As an experienced designer, I will point out what's feasible and practical using your online design inspiration. I'll work to bring that to real-world design, keeping in mind any budget restraints. It's far and few between that I work with a client that has little to no budget limit. An essential aspect of my job is to source as many of the materials locally as possible, so help keep the budget on target.


You can always tell when a home has been professionally decorated. It's all about the layout and spacing of the room. A professional will place various elements in such a way that they're in harmony with each other, and the room will have more symmetry in a professionally designed space.


Once I have a handle on your budget, it's my responsibility to fit everything into that amount, including labor, materials, and supplies. So often, I will meet with clients that want me to "bid a job" before they provide me with a number. Keeping the budget a secret is the opposite of the way it should work. My fees are fixed, and I am in your corner. The moving target is the material and supply costs. Labor is calculated once design assumptions are nailed down. If a client has $70,000 - $90,000 and they want a whole house remodel, that number can work so long as the client is realistic with their material preferences. If a client wants a Carrara marble floor to ceiling in three bathrooms and the kitchen, that's not a realistic budget. Allowing me to work backward from the budget ensures I will provide the highest level of quality, design, form, and function for the budget. 

As your designer, I will balance form, function, and budget to help you create high-impact design for your rooms working with any space restrictions.

Ordering and project management is an art form. Having just enough material on site will save you a ton of money. Tile superstores will always have you order considerably more than what's needed, meaning you waste money. Here are a couple of case studies of recent experiences I had with a client:

During a whole kitchen remodel, the client decided she wanted to tile the inside of the window around the drywall. This was not part of the original design; thus, we didn't have enough tile to allow for this add on. We had to order six additional pieces. They were a discontinued material, so finding it was costly and time-consuming. Point being, I was able to give her a design she loved, securing materials (color of material precisely) that was being phased out at a fraction of the retail price. I ordered "just enough" of the material to do the job as we contractually agreed. At the point, she expanded the use of the tile; we were going to be short. I pulled all sorts of favors to find those additional resources to finish the project to align with her preferences. 

Another situation that happened is a customer hired Redoux after firing another firm. This client wanted to remove their old, dated ceramic builder grade flooring and replace it with a herringbone pattern 8" w x 48" porcelain wood-like tile. The former contractor sold the material to the client, which was at the job site. We accepted the job (a friend of a friend's situation). When we started to install the herringbone pattern, we quickly realized they didn't have enough material. Not even close. The client admitted to us that they changed the design to herringbone last minute but had the conversation with the old contractor and were assured: "they would be fine." Well, they were not "fine." We were over 40% short on material. Fortunately, we have a relationship with the manufacturer, and we were able to get it shipped to us from CA. Between the shortage in material and the delay in having the rest of the material arrive, this was an expensive mistake that a knowledgeable team would not make or allow to happen. Clients change their minds all the time. Managing what can be done, on what timeline, and with what budget is part of what a designer manages. Chevron pattern requires significantly more material due to the cuts to create the look.

These are just two of the myriad of obstacles that a customer can face when trying to DIY a project or hiring based on budget alone. Construction, design, and remodeling is not when you choose the low price leader if you want a quality final result.

As a construction and design company, we build relationships with our vendors. We have access to great pricing, discounted materials, better shipping rates, faster lead times, and better quality materials. These relationships are built over time, and we nurture them. It's a win/win when we partner with great suppliers and pass that benefit to you.









There is a huge list of materials and supplies that will have to get ordered for any given remodeling project. Let's take the example of a bathroom. Most clients can come up with surface materials needed like the tiles, faucets, sinks, vanity, counter top, lighting, toilet, hardware, glass shower doors, shower head, mirrors, etc. Most clients have no idea what is needed "under the hood" so to speak. Things like backer board, moisture guard, painting materials, plumbing materials, electrical replacement parts, grout, mortar, etc. 

There are hundreds if not thousands of brands for each one of them. Each one of them will be priced differently offering quality variances, warranties will be different, how hard one is over another to install (which can translate to additional installation labor).  We have our favorite brands, ones that over time we've vetted and feel strongly about their quality, price, warranty, and overall product performance. When we work with a client that has a different perspective than our typical design work, (which, for us, happens to be in the Euro, Farmhouse, Coastal, Rustic design aesthetic POV) we have to draw on our vendor resources. Knowing where to go to find what a client wants is critical. 

When I meet with a client for the first time, typically at their house or office (where ever the work is being done), I'm always hoping for design inspiration from other elements of the home. If the whole home is being renovated, I may look to furniture pieces they already have and plan to keep. If the house is empty, and I have little to start with, I will work to get an idea of basic style. Are we going for a modern farmhouse look, trying to tie in elements from the mid-century modern era, or are we going for a transitional style. My main goal is to balance form and function. I start there. I have an arsenal of materials and styles at my disposal, when you hire me, you hire all that knowledge. I know the right places to visit to select the items and the right time and when to place the order. This may seem a small task initially but as your project moves on, spending time and effort on each of the materials becomes an extremely tedious task best left to the designer. 

If you're ready for your kitchen or bathroom to become the room of your dreams, give us a call. We always offer free design consultations. 

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