Hexagon Tile, Everyone' Loving It!

If you're in the market for a new tile, hexagon-shaped tile is taking the flooring design world by storm. It's universally pleasing, offering a bridge between modern design and traditional design. Hexagon shaped tile is a design element that plays nicely with other tile shapes and patterns.

If you're planning to update the flooring in your house, but you'd like to control costs as much as possible, consider leaving some of the old flooring, introducing new hexagon flooring to blend in. This will allow an interesting transition that's not only intentional but also cost savings.
Hexagon Tile Used As a Transition Tile
This customer had gorgeous, original hardwoods throughout. During a kitchen remodel, they wanted to remove the damaged walkway wood flooring and blend it with new, easy to clean (and cooler for their furry friends). They opted for a clean, transitional look that blended nicely with their current decor, offering an element of form and function.

In our designs, whenever possible, I like to introduce an element of uniqueness while staying true to the client's personal design style, as well as the era of the home. In this case, the house was the late 1950's. While not a traditional mid-century modern, there were enough characteristics of the era in the home that playing on the "modern "as well as the traditional seemed appropriate.

Hexagon tile is available in petite sizes, starting around the size of a penny, to pretty large. The finished project above, those tiles were approximately 9" x 13". We chose the large tile to help the space maintain a substantial, open feel. Often times in small areas, such as bathrooms, we will use a hexagon tile that's smaller, like these.

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