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So often our renovation projects come to us our of necessity, like water damage or foundation repairs. In this case, the motivation is to give the house a total face lift. Follow along as you watch the total whole-house transformation of this 10-12 year old house. As I've mentioned in previous posts, Mark does all of this himself. Outside of #demoday, and counter top fabrication, this work was completed by one human with endless amounts of patience and dedication. We post the details of the projects so that you can get a true feel for the quality of work that Mark offers. Here at Redoux, we don't cut corners. We offer clean, authentic workmanship. 

First up is the kitchen. Here you will see the before pictures of a pretty standard builder grade kitchen. At one point the existing wood cabinets were painted. Painting them helped to a point; but after living with painted cabinets for about a year, it's time to update to new one. The goal for this kitchen is to open up the entire space, watch to see how we did this; and how we found "hidden-potential" hiding behind a wall. 

This is a fun project, but one that will be taxing for sure. I encourage you to start with the videos to get an idea of the layout of the old kitchen. Watch as the layout changes and the entire kitchen opens up.

Let's walk through the project and the timeline in detail. The existing kitchen will be taken down to the drywall. The flooring, which takes the most time to remove is also being replaced. The mortar that holds the tile in place has to be completely removed so that the new flooring surface is smooth. This proved to be the second most time consuming part of this demo. 

We started this project on Monday. Demo was finished by late Monday evening. If you look through the photos, you will see the location for the existing sink. This is a "L" shaped kitchen. The goal is to create a much larger feeling space. By removing this "L", and rearranging the cabinet layout, this kitchen is going to be very large, expanding into the current breakfast area.

Moving the drain line from where you see it in the before photos to the new location, as shown in the video, was by far the most difficult part of this project so far. The concrete is thick, about 10"-12" at the thickest. To properly move the drain lines, you have to remove all the concrete to get to the dirt. Once at the dirt level, the lines can be moved. This way completed by Tuesday. On Wednesday, the new cabinet layout with both uppers and lower cabinets was installed (waiting on two back ordered cabinets). The counter tops have been picked out. The fabrication/measure team measured for the kitchen as well as the master bathroom (which will be coming soon). The counter tops will be installed on Tuesday. From there, the farm sink will be installed, the rest of the new appliances installed and the extensive backsplash tiling will start in the kitchen. The kitchen should be done by next Thursday. This was a huge project but not big surprises. 

While we wait for the counter tops to be installed, the kitchen will be on hold. We have circled around to the flooring. The whole house, approximately 3000 sf will be replaced with this gorgeous white-washed tile that looks like wood. This is a large format, 8" x 48" tile. Mark is meticulous with grout lines and making sure everything is done to perfection. To do most of the kitchen and hallway has taken the better part of two days. Once the mortar is fully dry, he will grout the kitchen. We are moving through this house in stages. Once the grout is dry in the kitchen the appliances will be installed in the kitchen. One thing to note is the flooring that was removed was also tile but much smaller pieces. They were about 12"x 12". This tile is considered to be large format. The builder did not have level floors. This became clear when the tile was removed and we ran levels on the floor. Mark is compensating for the uneven surface by using more/less mortar in the areas that require it. It's important that the tile be level with no "lips". The unevenness has causes some decent delays in laying the new tile. It will be worth it in the end as the final result will be beautiful.

You will notice there is a photo below that shows the tile flooring direction changed. This is in the new dining room location. We contemplated a chevron pattern but ultimately decided to lay the flooring in the opposite direction of the kitchen flooring. Doing so, will create a larger room (although the space is already quite large), the table that will be placed in this room is a large rectangle with two large leaf panels. We wanted to mimic the lines of the table and the flooring.

The fireplace has been retiled. This is a fresh, clean design. 

If you recall, about two weeks ago, when the kitchen was first demo'd, there was a hidden area behind the stove area (the wall). Utilizing this space allowed us to build a custom (and always necessary) pantry. There's a custom barn door to the entry of the new room. The hidden potential room is getting custom shelving, which is high-end, industrial look. This shelving is surprisingly expensive considering the parts are found in the plumbing section of your big box store. The parts were sprayed in a brushed brass color to add to the whimsy of the room. The shelving is mounted into the studs and will offer heavy duty, as well as beautiful store. The barn door can be open or closed as the shelving, if organized and kept clean can add to the overall design of the dining room.

A feature wall in the kitchen will be tiled in white subway tile. Check out more subway tile projects by clicking here.



Kitchen "L"

Current location of refrigerator

Old flooring

Old breakfast nook

Kitchen L

Tile removal

Tile removal

Old breakfast nook

Kitchen L

Kitchen "L" removal

Kitchen "L" gone

Move drain lines

Trench for new drain lines

Making sure new lines slope correctly

New lines moved and cemented in



Kitchen "L"

Old flooring

Current location of refrigerator

Floor ready for new tile

Cabinets set for countertop measure

Flooring changed direction in the

living room


New location for restaurant size refrigerator

Quartz countertops

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