Modern Master Bathroom Oasis

This homeowner has four bathrooms that are all going to undergo an update with this phase of a renovation. The master is the first project. As you can see from the "before" pictures this bathroom is pretty dated. There was also a significant amount of water damage and mold inside the shower. The damaged drywall needed to be taken down to the studs and will be replaced and make sure the space is safe and mold free.

Every surface of this bathroom will be updated. Watch as the bathroom transformation takes place. We anticipate this bathroom taking a little over two weeks to complete. 

Day 1, the demo is almost complete. Just need to remove the existing floor tile and clean everything up behind me. The materials will be delivered early next week and the transformation will begin. 

Day 2, now that the floor tile has been removed, and the area cleaned up, the actual renovation will start. First up, rebuilding the shower and shower floor. The existing drain line and water line will not be moved. 

Day 3-9, the demo is complete, the material have arrived and on to the construction of the project. The shower had to be rebuilt, making size modifications. The original bathtub was angled into the corner. Due to the size of the new tub, it will also be set at an angle. The original plumbing for the tub was not compatible with the new tub drain plumbing. To get around having to move drain pipes inside the concrete slab, the homeowner wanted to build a tub platform. The platform is being tiled. Much of the floor has also been tiled. The floor tile will be continued onto the wall, just under the window sill. 

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Water Damage/Mold

Location of Old Tub

Materials Arrived!

Insured & General Contractor License #AEC7352

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