Master Bathroom Modern Farmhouse in the Suburbs

Like so many previous jobs, we take a builder-grade bathroom and turn into a special oasis for the homeowners. This bathroom takes it up a notch. Not only will every surface be updated, but we are also going to create a third bathroom where the master closet once was. Click here to watch the video for the full scoop on this process. A new closet was created in their over-sized master bedroom with custom barn doors. To see this transformation, click here.

The first photo shows the current tub/shower layout. The location of the shower will be moved to the tub location. We are removing the tub completely. For information about removing a master tub and the effect, it will have on resale, click here.

In this instance, we are adding a tub in the third bathroom and the second bathroom already has a tub. This house will have one large walk-in shower and two tubs, once of which will be a free-standing tub. 

For this master bathroom, the flooring, vanity, sinks, faucets, shower, shower pan, glass, lighting, mirrors, and a few hardware pieces will all be updated. This design is blue and white with a heavy Carrara marble emphasis. We're very excited about this one. It's going to be absolutely gorgeous. The homeowners have decided this is home for at least the next 7-10 years so they decided to renovate to their taste, not to the masses resale appeal.

This bathroom was lacking storage. We are converting the old shower location into a linen closet. The location of the vanities will stay in the same location. As the design unfolds, notice the built-in niches we are creating to add much needed (decorative) storage. Two taller niches will be installed on either side of the vanity for daily essentials. The shower will have a large niche for shampoo and other necessities. The window will be tiled and can be used for bottles and such.

Follow along on this three-week journey as we completely transform every square inch of this master bathroom prior to moving on to the newly created third bathroom.

Insured & General Contractor License #AEC7352

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