Mid-Century Mod Master Renovation

This is a really fun (and large) project. The homeowners have an amazing mid-century modern house in a mature neighborhood in Denton. We love this area. When we went to do the initial design meeting for this project I was hoping the house would be a mid-century, alas, it is! This is my favorite architecture.

Much of this house has been updated and is beautiful. The master bathroom is an awkward space that the homeowners have wanted to update for some time. The bathroom is good-size for the era but the layout is all wrong. The challenges for the space (to mention a few) are the bathroom is on an exterior wall. The toilet sits as a showpiece in the center of the room, pretty much what you see when you walk in. Moving the toilet to the opposite wall was a very expensive option and not one that made total sense. We heard what the homeowners wanted and worked with them to design a space that would offer significant function to the room, despite leaving the toilet where it is by making better use of the other bathroom elements like the vanity and increasing the size of the shower. The homeowners chose modest, clean, and classic materials that will work for their growing family for years to come. Follow along this 12-day journey as we completely transform this master bathroom.

Insured & General Contractor License #AEC7352

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