Whole House Remodel

Master Bath - Guest Bath- Flooring- Paint- Bar- Kitchen

I was taught that if you're going to do something, you should take the time to do it right. Over the years, my experience in remodeling and home renovation projects would suggest that not all contractors subscribe to the same philosophy. 


When meeting with homeowners interested in remodeling a room or multiple rooms in their house, usually excitement and anticipation are met with the fear or worry of what problems are hiding behind their walls. This mixed bag of emotions is normal.


We chronicle our jobs. It can be exciting for homeowners to reflect on what was, and relish in the new. What happens between demo and the final reveal depends largely on the care you put into the little things.


Not all builders, contractors, or even the homeowner will do things by the book when looking to update a space. Often in an attempt to save money, naivety, negligence, or a variety of other factors can cause corners to be cut.  The renovation process is not an area where compromise should be made when it comes to doing things right. When shortcuts are taken the homeowner is likely to experience costly repairs, or the room may not function correctly or end up looking as they imagined at the design stage.  

This entry will chronicle a project in which shortcuts were taken, potentially by the original builder and most certainly by the flipper that remodeled the house five years ago. This homeowner purchased an early 1980's home. From what the homeowner expressed, the house was in rough shape before a flipper purchased it, fixed it up, and then sold it to them. As the project begins, we will update our progress along the way. Note that all the work is being done by Mark Douglass, not a team of subcontractors.


Follow us along this journey as it unfolds. 

This is a master bath remodel.

December 12th

The original inspiration design being presented to a new client. 

Grey cabinets, custom tile shower walls,

marble shower floor, herringbone marble

bathroom floor, quartz countertops, accent

tile, new toilet, sinks, fixtures,

glass shower enclosure, and new door


December 19th



We're not changing the original layout of the bathroom. The foundation is concrete slab and moving plumbing is an expensive undertaking; the homeowner elected to leave the layout as is. 


The wall separating the toilet and vanity will be removed. No plumbing or electrical was inside the wall, purely cosmetic.

During Demo

It was apparent at the demo stage that the flippers who bought and sold the house to my client cut a significant amount of corners. 


As an example, the shower is supposed to have a cement backer board with a protective moisture barrier to help prevent mold and water damage.


The flippers used straight drywall. 


As if that wasn't bad enough, they used a minimal amount of screws to attach the drywall to the studs. Very shotty work. 

The bathroom used to be painted pink with floral wallpaper.

Demo Completed


Most of the tile was removed with ease. Of course, having the right tools makes the job much easier. 


One surprise I didn't expect was that the large vanity mirror was attached to the wall with tar and not screwed in at the corners. This made taking down the mirror in one piece, impossible


Generally I like to take mirrors down in one piece because it's safer than dealing with broken glass. As you can see from the demo pictures though, I had no choice but to smash the mirror into small pieces to pry it off the wall. The wall had only minor damage as a result of the tar. 

December 20

This day was dedicated to getting the shower ready to install the tile. I had to fill the hole around the drain.

​Next, added concrete to the floor to slope towards the drain opening. 


I added three shampoo niches. Two at arm level and one lower to use as foot support for shaving. 

December 21

The flippers left this electrical mess behind the wall. Having the electrical in an electrical box is a better way to do things, even though it's behind the wall. It takes a few minutes longer to do it right and for the homeowner to know it's done correctly.

Drywall repair where the old vanity mirror used to be.

December 22

Once the concrete dried completely, the next step is to install the plastic liner and new drain. Another layer of concrete goes over the top of the liner and around the new drain. These steps help to control water flow to the drain. 

December 23

Light grey shaker style cabinets are installed. The homeowner was going for sophisticated, clean lines. When the flooring and shower installation is complete, the cabinets will pop. They're elegant yet the clean lines allow for a variety of design aesthetics. 

Cement backer board installed in the shower.


The red to the right is a protective moisture barrier called Red Gard . It helps to prevent mold and bacteria from growing behind the walls.


I discovered the flippers didn't use backer board or Red Gard when they rehabbed the house a few years back. This is something we see a lot when contractors try to cut corners and save money.

From here, I will start to tile the shower. 

December 26th - December 30th

Herringbone Tile 

Carrera marble 3" x 6" tiles on the shower floor as well as a marble herringbone pattern on the bathroom floor. 

Tile for the shower walls and the accent tile for the niche openings.

The grouting has started! Watch the transformation unfold as the bathroom is grouted and the finishing touches are applied.

January 2, 2019

The shower is now grouted and all that's left is to install the shower door.


There are three niches for much-needed shower storage. There's a lower niche that was designed for a foot support for shaving.


The bathroom floor is grouted. Once the countertops arrive, the cabinets that sit on top of the countertop for added storage will be added. 



To finish the look, lighting and mirrors will be installed.

The mixed-use of marble create a high-end, luxury spa feel. 

The shower doors are fun with a barn door appearance.

The wide glass doors make the space look larger.


Brushed nickel accents are consistent throughout the bathroom.


As you can see, we are waiting on the countertop which should be ready to install within a couple of days. 


The client opted for extra storage with these mirrored medicine cabinets. The hardware doesn't match so that will be swapped out for a brushed nickel pull. 


The lighting is contemporary and perfect for the space.


The over-the-toilet glass door cabinet provides additional storage space for this family. 

The Final Result


The Customer's Thoughts on the Process So Far


"Our home, when purchased 5 years ago was extremely outdated and due to a negligent flipper, not well constructed. We had concerns about mold in our master bath, the kitchen did not have enough space for our large family and there was no “us” in the style of the design of the home.  When we began thinking about a large home renovation it was an overwhelming thought. Watching too much HGTV had scared us and made us weary of bad contractors that would do a poor job or not finish the job.


I ran across Redoux doing some research and impressed with the before and after images, contacted them.  Mark, the owner, was immediate in his response and flexible about coming to visit to find out what kind of renovations we were looking at.  Our main needs were master bath, guest bath, bar area, and kitchen. He spent a good amount of time walking the house and speaking to us about our trouble areas and what we were hoping to achieve with the updates. When he left, I remember telling my husband how wonderful it felt that Mark actually seemed to hear us and how overall friendly he was.  It didn’t take long and he connected us with the other half of his team, Melissa, the designer. I did not have to lift a finger! I was amazed, she came to us and brought along a trunk of goodies. With one visit, it felt like they landed our style immediately. They presented us with a palette of colors that were dead on and materials that felt durable and plush. Once we decided to move forward, they made the process really simple. I really appreciated the time they took to explain everything in detail, the timeline, the pricing etc.


We are through the master bath and guest bath portions of the renovations and I am not disappointed with the outcome. The bathrooms have not met my expectations, they have exceeded them. I have found Mark to be friendly, engaging and understanding (even when we needed to throw extra projects onto the pile). Melissa has been wonderful in providing guidance with style and ensuring the overall vision of the outcome stays on track. There have been a few hiccups, as to be expected with any project but Mark was quick to fix them and provide resolution to ensure we were happy."


If the rest of the project ends up looking as wonderful as the bathrooms I can say we will be happy to have this as our forever home. Our master bath feels like a luxurious spa experience! I would recommend Redoux for anyone needing quality work done.

-Misty L.

The Colony, TX 

Guest Bath Renovation

January 4th, 2019

While waiting on the countertops to be installed in the master bathroom, I've started demo on the second bathroom. The client has a useable shower and toilet at this point, just waiting on the countertops to be fabricated. This bathroom design will be very close to that of the master bath. The existing tub stays. Everything else is going to be demo'd.

With demo underway, the old house flippers were consistent with their poor quality work. The drywall was removed with no effort, as they didn't secure it to the studs and it lifted out without much effort. The flippers did not use backer board or a moisture barrier material.

The goal for today is to get the bathroom fully demo'd and start framing the shower area tomorrow.

January 5th

Today was all about framing the tub/shower combo area, installing the backer board. The shampoo niches have been made. This bathroom will be used by young children so the cutouts are a little lower, making them easier for them reach.


The walls have been texturized

and painted.


The lighting fixture will be

swapped out next week for

a new one.

Backer board is now attached.


Next step is to add the moisture mildew barrier. This is the hot pink product that is painted onto the surface of the backer board. 


The flippers did not use any type of backer board or moisture barrier. 

January 6th

January 8th

Shampoo Niche

January 9th

The flooring will be installed tomorrow. Once grouted, this bathroom will be complete. The next area of the house is the bar. 

January 10th

January 11th


Guest Bath

Bar Renovation Project

January 12, 2019


This client wanted to update and reconfigure her bar area. When you walk into the house through the front door, there's a living room on the right. If you walk a few steps into the house, you're greeted by a large bar area. You have to walk through the bar to get into the formal dining room, family room, and the kitchen. The old layout had a couple of walls that disjointed the spaces, making them feel separate vs. part of the same house. 

Remove Wall

Narrow Wall Width

Remove Wall

Remove Wall

Remove Wall

Front Door

Remove Wall

Demo requires all cabinets to be removed. Wall surfaces cleaned and painted. 

There were numerous surprises lurking behind the bar walls. The old cabinets were on a platform, the electrical and plumbing were not in good shape. In addition to removing the half wall and making the niche wall narrower, I had to repair the walls, and correct many builder mistakes. The transformation of the bar, moving into the kitchen will drastically change the flow and footprint of their useable space. 

Narrow Wall Width

Narrowed Wall Width

Narrowed Wall Width

Narrow Wall Width



Entrance to Kitchen

January 15th

The bar area cabinets are in. The countertops will be installed at the same time the kitchen countertops are installed. This saves on fabrication costs. 






The cabinets are installed. There will be decorative, floating shelves between the two upper cabinets. The customer chose a dark grey cabinet. The flooring has very grey'd hues and will pop against the cabinets. 


This homeowner cooks a lot. She spends a lot of time in her kitchen. The goal for her was to not only update the area but to also maximize storage space. 










The next several days will be dedicated to replacing the flooring in the master, hall, entry, DR, LV, and the kitchen will be finished once I've started renovation on the kitchen and painting repainting the DR, LV walls, trim, and fireplace. The homeowner has dated butterscotch-colored walls. I'll be updating to the North Beach color with Maui Mist as the trim color, and a darker grey accent color will be sprayed on the brick fireplace.

Before Painting the Fireplace

The fireplace looks gorgeous with the new grey color. Instant update!

Living Room

 New Paint & Floor

January 16th

New Flooring

Click LVT

Old Flooring

Over the next several days, I will be finishing up the painting on the walls and the trim. I will also install the rest of the flooring. I will install new baseboards that will be painted in a color we use for trim often, which is Maui Mist. 

Before/Old Carpet


Making headway on the flooring. Baseboards will be next and they put the finishing touches on the whole floor. The white boards, again, Maui Mist (one of my favorite whites), will make the floors POP and look really pretty.


Bar Area

Front Door

Hall with Trim

January 27th - Feb. 7th

Kitchen Renovation 

Laundry Room

Bar Area

Bar Area Remodel Complete - After/Before

New Flooring in the Whole House (shown in front of the bar area)

The Bar is Complete

Kitchen Area

Grout can pack a huge punch. Notice the left side has been grouted, while the right side has not been grouted yet. This client chose a dark grey grout, similar to the cabinet color.

Left side of the galley kitchen is fully renovated.

Right Side of Kitchen is Complete

Insured & General Contractor License #AEC7352

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