Will Removing a Wall Increase Your Home Value?

Likely yes! Buyers today are seeking open-concept rooms. It's hard to watch any episode on HGTV these days there the words "open-concept" are not mentioned at least one time during the 30 minute show. The reason for this is most buyers, and I do mean most, really want the freedom to move room to room feeling as though the rooms are connected.


Not only is having an open concept house more desirable for potential buyers, it will likely make your home flow better when entertaining, allow you keep an eye on the kiddos in another room, or to be able to have a conversation with someone while you're in the kitchen cooking. For these reasons, consider what it would take to create a more open flow concept in your house.


We helped a homeowner do just that.

Kitchen closed off to the living room

Photo on Left: Here you can see that the wall on the right is really separating the kitchen from the rest of the house. Below: In this next photo, there's another opening to the dining room. If people are sitting in this space, they can talk someone in the kitchen. If you're in the living room, you wouldn't have immediate access to the conversation.


Dining room on the right

The homeowner wanted to open up the wall to create an open flow space, suitable for entertaining and participating with the activities happening in the other rooms.


Appliances removed, wall prepped to be taken down


Removing support wall in kitchen to create open concept room


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Removing a load support wall should only be done by a qualified professional. This room is not quite done, the stove needs to be put back in place. This entire renovation took about ten days. The homeowner wanted to replace the flooring, which accounted for most of the time. The old hard wood flooring was damaged and had wear spots. They also have large dogs and they wanted to give them a clear path to go outside and a nice cool spot to lay down. Blending the old with the new can be challenging. This flooring technique is emerging in popularity as a way to easily blend the old with the new.


The trick to removing a wall is to make the rooms flow into one another as if the wall was never there to begin with.


So, will removing a wall increase the value? Probably. If you choose the right wall and have a professional do the work. I can say this, having a room closed off to the rest of the house could potentially cost you a sale on your house if that buyer is concerned with the rooms flowing into each other, or if the potential buyer entertains often.


I know for this homeowner, who wasn't planning to sell anytime soon, having the space opened up made the whole house feel larger and more inviting. They feel there is more livable space. They mentioned to me that they spent most of their time in the back family room area as it was connected to the kitchen. Now that the kitchen, living, dining and family rooms are opened to each other, they seemingly tripled the actively used space.


Consult with your local real estate professionals before pulling the plug on a wall tear down. A seasoned agent should be able to guide you in what buyers in the area are looking for. Always do your research on a contractor before doing the work. Ask for references, check online reviews.

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