Should I Stage My House to Sell?

A stagged home will undoubtedly sell faster. The purpose of staging a home is to help buyers see furniture placement in a typical setting. The decision to stage may be based on a variety of factors.

The selling price of the home is a good starting point. If your home falls under a particular market threshold,

typically expected to be staged, you can likely skip the expense of hiring staggers. A good rule of thumb on the necessity to hire staggers starts around a selling price of $500,000. Let's say you're in a market where homes are selling as soon as they hit the MLS.  You can skip the stagging step, as buyers are scrambling to buy (any) homes.

In other markets where homes are known to sit on the market for 30-60 days, setting yourself apart may encourage a buyer to make an offer. If your house falls under the $500,000, but it's been on the market for longer than expected, you first may want to consider decluttering your space. Here are some tips and recommendations for getting your house ready to sell. You need to make sure your home is prepared to be on the market.  Some agents are so eager to get a listing that they don't want to offend their sellers. They choose to shy away from the tough conversations about the current condition of their listed homes. As a  professional, your agent needs to know your market, dialing deeper than just running comps in the area. She needs to be able to tell you what needs to happen to sell your home.

Professional staggers will meet with you and assess your goals. Are you wanting to stage all the rooms or just the main living spaces? Are you wanting to add to your furniture pieces and have a stagging company offer select furniture items to enhance what's already in place? Do you just need art for the walls? What's your stagging budget? What's the selling price of the home?

If your home is considered to be a higher price point for your area, it's more likely professional staging will help you sell your home faster. An interesting point that I have noticed is that higher price point homes may have luxurious furnishings in place, perhaps hiring a professional designer before moving in. In some cases, a homeowner's furnishings, while gorgeous, may appeal to a select group, not the masses. It only takes one buyer, you may want to consider making sure you're home is stagged in an aesthetic that will be pleasing to the masses. Try not to alienate yourself by keeping an ultra-modern design pallet in rural USA. Instead, remove the items that peg the design into an ultra-modern design, adding stagged pieces that will neutralize the design to appeal to more buyers. In some markets, higher-priced homes are much more challenging to sell. The demand may just not exist. In those situations, stagging is vital. In cities where viable, high-end buyers are scarce, you want the home to be perfectly stagged, clean, light, bright, and airy.

On the flip side, maybe you're in a downtown metropolitan area, in high demand, and your goal is to sell for top dollar, not just to get out from under the home. In highly competitive situations, you may want to ask a friend or two to stop by and give their honest feedback about your space. Ask them what type of design style they'd place your home. Is it modern, coastal, farmhouse, transitional, Boho? It's a staggers job to know the area and what will work best to help your home appeal to the most buyers. If you're wanting to save money, talk to the local stagging company about incorporating as much of your furniture as possible.

I have found that some homeowners are not comfortable leaving their personal furniture exposed. Do you know "the" parents that would allow their four-year-old to walk on a stranger's white couch? If this isn't okay with you, consider using stagged furnishing over your expensive, custom made Italian linen sofa.

If the expense of stagging isn't working for you, consider using what you have but reimagine. Reworking an existing space can make it feel fresh. Box up unnecessary items, pruning to only what's considered design neutral. It is possible to work with what you have. If you need help with this, it will be less expensive to hire a designer or stagging firm to help you make recommendations for getting your house ready to list.

If your home is vacant, it's much easier for a prospective homeowner to see how their furniture may look in the space if it is stagged. An empty house is the best point to start from because the sellers are not living in the area, and a stagging company is not working around personal type items and furniture.

Professional photography is a must in today's home selling climate. If you're working trying to sell your home on your own, do yourself a favor and have a professional real estate photographer take the photos for you.

Your real estate agent should have a recommendation for you on "if" stagging will help your home sell faster as well as a go-to professional stagging company.




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