White Subway Tile - A design trend that isn't really a trend at all!

I've been asked recently if subway tile is a trend and how long I think it will be around. The answer: Forever! The white subway tile is classic. It's been used in design on and off since the early 1900's. In the current day, it's popularity is recognized in part because of the design programming on TV and in magazines. You can't walk into a design showroom and not see a white subway tile as a feature somewhere. Why you ask is it so popular? From my perspective, white subway tile (particularly white) is clean and classic. The small tiles blend well with other design styles making it a great "base" tile to cover large areas inexpensively. While installing subway tile can be on the more laborious side of the spectrum, especially when covering large areas, it's high impact style will always be a conversation starter. Here are some examples of subway tile we've installed over the years. We'd love to know what you think.

Insured & General Contractor License #AEC7352

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